NANT  001

Your key to unlock advanced therapies manufacturing

NANT 001

NANT 001 is an innovative automated, closed bioreactor system for cell therapy bioprocessing, evolved from manual cell culture principles but developed to overcome the challenges linked to traditional expansion methods.

Easy. Safe. Compliant.

NANT 001 features a single-button user-friendly interface and a process monitoring system, accessible from a dedicated web-app: the perfect solution for advanced therapy product developers and manufacturing technicians.

Together with its single-use cartridge, the NANT 001 bioreactor supports safe, robust, controlled, fully traceable and cost-effective cell expansion for more productive cGMP-compliant manufacturing processes at small-scale.

NANT 001 is a CE-marked machine in compliance with Dir. 2006/42/EC, Dir. 2014/30/EU and Dir. 2014/35/EU.

NANT 001 Cartridge


With NANT 001 you can see the cells growing in real time!

An integrated liquid lens-based, autofocus-capable microscope provides you clear, sharp images of cells while the culture is ongoing.

An automated algorithm calculates cell confluency rate and indicates the optimal moment for cell harvesting.

NANT 001 Imaging System Confluency Estimator


Process traceability is ensured by barcode-based identification of cartridge components and users.

  • Unique barcode identification for each cartridge.
  • Operator-specific ID badges.
  • Data from the integrated in-process control monitoring system as well as operator interventions are automatically collected to generate a Cell Culture Report.


The system flexibility permits automation of operations for multiple cell-based and cell-derived product processes. Current applications include expansion of bone marrow- and adipose tissue-derived MSCs, as well as gene-modified NK cells.

Customer-specific cell expansion protocols can be rapidly automated in NANT 001 with ease!

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